Technical School in Long Island City, New York

Person working on a HVAC Unit, Technical School in Long Island City, NY

About Technical School

For more than four decades, our technical school has been preparing students for excellent careers in the technical trade industry. When you want the best training at the best prices, our established and well-known school offers both.

Auto Repair & HVAC Programs

It takes years on the job to become skilled in your trade. Get ahead of the rest at our technical school that offers an auto repair program as well as HVAC training courses. As a day student, you can complete your program in as little as seven months.

Welding & Construction Programs

Don't wait to become a certified welder. Start the process today. In a short time, we teach you how to be a compete tradesman. We offer hands-on training and classroom instruction in our welding and construction training programs.


Contact us in Long Island City, New York, when you need help choosing a program that's right for you.

Programs of Study

About Us

Apex Technical School in Long Island City, New York, offers seven certificate programs that can be completed in as little as seven months. Start an exciting new career by attending our school. Located in the heart of New York City, our 75,000-square-foot facility operates in an eight-story training building.

During your training, you work side by side with real-world instructors in fully equipped shops, learning the tools of the trade and skills needed in the field. With nearly 50 years of training experience and more than 15,000 graduates, Apex has what it takes to put you on the right track. We have a simple mission: to offer quality hands-on training that provides you with marketable skills for employment after graduation.

Since 1967, we have offered hands-on instruction, taught by instructors directly from their trade. We also provide classroom theory, which uses a word-by-doing model that is reinforced with the theory.